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Assignment # ?? – Vector Data Edit


This lesson will build upon the topics learned in the Vector Data lesson. In this assignment we will be using QGIS 1.8 to practice this lesson by adding a vector layer and editing its properties to make them visually appealing on a map. This is considered the first steps of a cartographer to make a legible map. There are different ways to represent points, lines, and polygons on a map, so we will alter the symbology of each to see some of the possibilities. In addition, to differentiate the point symbols created we will position a label for each of the identical features.

Lessons CoveredEdit

Vector Data

How To PrerequistesEdit

Add vector layer
Changing vector symbology: single symbol
Apply labels to data


The data used for the assignment is gathered from the open data catalogue for the city of Vancouver, Canada. You may use data from your region or data from the city of Vancouver as well at The shapefiles (SHP) downloaded from this catalogue, which is used in this assignment include:

  • city boundary
  • public streets
  • parks – polygon features
  • schools


With the use of QGIS 1.8 a map with points, lines, and polygons will be created. The map created in the data view will visually display all the vector data with the labels created for the point features.

Steps in BriefEdit

  1. Add a point, line, and polygon shapefile into a new QGIS session at scale 1:100000.
  2. Change the symbology for each layer
    • Change the symbol of the point to:
      1. Color: Yellow
      2. Marker: Star
      3. Size: 4.00
    • Change the symbol of the line to:
      1. Color: Orange
      2. Width: 0.25
    • Change the symbol of the polygon to:
      1. Color: Green
      2. Fill style: Dense 3

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